Gradus Ceramic Grey Jug

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The gorgeous Gradus grey jug is one of our favourite decorative pieces here at Cherish Home. 

With stunning blue/grey tones and stylish shape and height, it's the perfect option for displaying flowers in almost any room in the home. 

With a glazed finish, stylish handle and striking orange-brown dusk rim, this piece really stands out as a quite simply beautiful item. 

  • Gorgeous tall-standing decorative jug
  • Beautiful blue/grey light and dark tones 
  • Glazed with striking rim design
  • Ideal for showing off flowers in any room of th ehome
  • A classy piece to fit all decor styles and palettes 

We love this for its stunning colour tones and shapely design. 

Product info

Size: 32cm x 20cm x 11cm

Weight: 1.5kg