Bamboo Portable Tea & Coffee Mug - 400ml

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This eco-friendly and useful bamboo and steel double-walled portable mug is perfect for hot or cold drinks.

Incredibly stylish, this Cherish Planet mug is sure to become a valued everyday item, saving you the hassle of costly and environmentally damaging plastic bottles and paper cups. 

  • Stylish, portable bamboo and steel mug with tea/fruit filter and screw lid
  • Double-walled to keep hot drinks hot and cool drinks cool
  • 400ml capacity, with easy and sleek portability, ideal for tea/coffee
  • Stunning bamboo finish and securely sealed (no spillages)
  • A great alternative to costly and damaging plastic and paper mugs

Add this brilliant portable mug to your routine today and don't look back. You'll never need another. 


Product info

Size: 17cm x 8cm x 8cm

Weight: 0.5kg

Materials: Bamboo, Stainless Steel, Plastic for seal (lid inner)

Care: Handwash & dry