Natural Beechwood Double-sided Brush

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This wonderful double-sided scrubbing brush is designed for maintaining healthy nails, palms and the souls of your feet. It is an excellent exfoliation product for your everyday needs, that's also brilliantly eco friendly. 

With a beautiful beechwood rounded handle for secure grip, this brush is wide-bristled on one side for larger surface areas and narrow-bristled on the other for fine or tight areas. 

  • Beechwood dual-sided scrubbing exfoliation brush
  • Perfect for nails, souls of feet and palms
  • Wide-bristle side for large surface areas, narrow for corners
  • Shapely, rounded handle for secure grip
  • An eco-friendly personal care product for everyday use

This brilliant little item is sur to make a fine addition to your personal pampering kit and will stand the test of time with it's excellent build quality and fine natural materials. 

Product info

Size: 8.5cm x 4.5cm

Weight: 40g

Materials: Beechwood, Boar bristle