100% Mango Wood Tray Set

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This stunning all-natural set of mango wood trays is a wonderful way to prepare and serve a wide range of food. 

Combining style with function, the beautifully carved trays sit flush on kitchen work tops and tables to provide a perfect base to tasty dishes or for serving drinks and snacks in living rooms. 
  • Stunning set of three mango wood trays
  • Ideal for food prep and/or serving snacks aronud the home
  • Equally adaptable for use as a base for decorative items like candles or vases
  • Beautiful, rich 100% mango wood tones
  • Stack small trays on top of the larger one easily and neatly when not in use
  • Carved to perfection and incredible stylish

With two small and one large tray comprising each set, they are stored perfectly on top of each other when not in use. 

Rich, real mango wood tones ensure each set is unique. We love these trays because they're all-natural and look fantastic in any setting.

Product info

Small trays: 18cm x 1.5cm x 14cm
Large tray: 30cm x 1.5cm x 20cm

Materials: 100% Mango Wood