Franchise Opportunities

Interested in starting up your own homeware business?

Cherish Home is growing, and we're looking for great people to launch our brand in new regions. 



What we're looking for

We require dedicated individuals who want to run a homeware-based online product business.

Having launched Cherish Home in the UK and enjoyed success in growing the business, we believe there are opportunities abroad.

Those opportunities require the right people being based in location where there is market potential and working with us to use the Cherish Home brand and know-how to build up a successful franchise in that country. 

We are currently offering franchise opportunities in the following regions:- 

  • Ireland
  • United States of America
  • Australia
  • India
  • China


What we will provide

We'll give you everything you need to get Cherish Home off the ground in your region, including:-

  • A custom-built Cherish Home website for your region
  • Access to Cherish Home stock
  • Marketing materials where applicable 
  • Best practice guides on marketing and social media activity
  • Training on all relevant areas of the business
  • Support in building an online customer-base


What's required from you (the franchisee)

You will be required to run Cherish Home as your own business. 

This will include managing stock, purchasing decisions, marketing, customer service and all other areas relating to buying and selling goods online. 

Our support will enable you to set up your business online and operate under the Cherish Home brand. 


What will it cost?

Franchisees are required to pay an initial fee of £5,000 (GBP) in order to take on exclusive licensing of the Cherish Home brand in any given country. 

This fee will be used, in part, to set up the online presence required to start trading as well as requisite training. 

A Franchise Agreement will lay out the terms of the relationship, which will include annual renewal of the license. 


Please contact us to request a Franchise Information Pack.