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Ignite some fiery foliage! Filled with a fiery red, orange, and yellow flower seed mix. Throw a Firebom to set dull gardens alight with hot colours! Seed mix: corn marigold, Californian poppy, coreopsis, and cosmos. Shelf Life: 1 year (approx) Seedboms are the friendly flower bombs that grow. 100% compostable bio-based Guerrilla Gardening Seedbomb Grenades filled with an explosive mix of organic peat-free compost and wildflower seeds. Super easy to use! Shake it, Soak it, Throw it and Grow it to create your very own wildflower patch. Brighten up dull and lifeless spaces with a blast of life and colour while helping out our vital pollinating insects with a much-needed nectar source. 10% of the sales profits from this product are donated to rewilding projects throughout Britain.

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