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Hi! We've been in business here at Cherish Home since late 2016 and we thought it was about time we properly introduced ourselves.

As you may well know, we provide a range of high quality homeware to UK consumers from our headquarters in South Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne. We source items from around the world that we think will help you achieve that perfect home look, whether it's contemporary, classic or shabby chic you're looking for.

Who are we?

Well, we're a small team of only four or five (depending on the day) people. Our background is actually more in technology and online service businesses, but we recently saw and too an opportunity to move into a product-based business and took it with both hands. We quickly decided that we wanted to focus our efforts on homeware, and so Cherish Home was born in late 2016.

Fast-forward to late 2018, and here we are having established a wide range of fantastic homeware that sells into the UK and European market.

Our range

Our range centres heavily on decorative items, although we are expanding into new homeware areas all the time. Our latest additions fall mainly into furniture and soft furnishings categories, where we have seen great success with the likes of our side tables, flameless candles and soft furnishings.

We exclusively deal in products we love, and we hope you'll love them too. We're also dedicated to low and fair pricing. Whilst we stock and sell many premium pieces at higher end price points, our focus is always on value. High end premium pieces command high prices - and rightly so, due to the time, care and effort our suppliers take to create them - but you can always rely on us to offer value.

One of our other ambitions in offering beautiful homeware is to incorporate pieces into our collections that offer a high-end look at more affordable price points. That's why you'll notice we sell across various pricing bands, even within product categories.

What's next?

Whilst we continue to grow and expand, we want to start talking to you, our customers, even more to find out what you love and how we can improve.

We'll be updating this blog regularly and hope you'll follow us on Instagram @Cherish_Homeware

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